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Telemark skiing... a delicate blend of aggression and grace.  Although telemark has been around for a century and a half, only recently telemark has seen steady growth in popularity.  A hybrid of cross country and alpine ski features, telemark allows a person to combine the best of both worlds.  


The equipment is comfortable and warm.  It is also less expensive, less complex and more durable then it's alpine touring or snowboard counterparts.  

The telemark turn combines many athletic skills to accomplish.  Strength, agility, endurance, balance and a downright aggressive approach goes into each turn.  Best of all... the equipment allows the skier access to some of the most wonderful side and backcountry areas that are difficult to get to on alpine or snowboard gear.  

The telemark turn is not for everybody but then... who wants to be like everybody else?

Otis tele soda pop slalom.jpg


Yes! Telemark is still alive! Alive and well.

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